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Some impactful strategies on how spreading the word will drive traffic to your e-commerce website before its launch.

by admin May 16, 2019

You have been working on your e-commerce store for months or maybe years, and it is finally on the verge of launch. But what good will your launch do for your store if there are no visitors on your website? You can achieve groundbreaking results the day your store launches; however, it won’t be possible without building anticipation in the pre-launch period. Without a proper marketing strategy, your business will fall flat and out of the market. Hence we have listed a few ways which can help you drive traffic to your e-commerce website.

Create a blog

They say content is the key. It is so true. Content is your pre-launch friend that can help you build solid SEO for your keywords. Blogging, in today’s era, has become an effective marketing strategy because of its appeal to the customers as well its cost-effective nature. Don’t know what to write about? It can be about anything related to your product niche. The blog can show sneak peeks of your work-in-progress, industry news, how-tos, fun quips, and what not. The sooner you bring visitors to your blog, start telling them about your products by back-linking them to your product landing page. And you never know how fast these visitors might convert into customers.

Use social media sites

Well, we all know about the growing potential of social media in this digital era. Be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or similar social media sites, they will be your precious assets in establishing your online presence. Promote your brand by sharing your page, curate graphics for your posts, post engaging videos and blog contents that attract your target customers. If you kick-start your social media campaigns correctly, you will witness dramatic results in no time. Marketing your store through social media platforms is more popular because it doesn’t cost you anything. However, you can reach greater heights with a little budget and with their paid campaigns.

Provide free samples

This way of spreading the word is often discarded by many businesses but can be very effective. If you’re sure that your products are great and will appeal the masses, then you can opt to give away some free samples, asking the users to give open feedback. This way you’ll know beforehand what the target audience thinks about your product. If they like your product, then the users will spread the news of your store launch via word-of-mouth and online reviews.

Start your e-mail marketing campaigns

E-mail marketing is a powerful tool to generate real-time leads. All you have to do is, take each of your contacts in your CRM and send them an early-access invite or ‘Sign-Up Now’ e-mail. Be as personal as you can by telling them what’s happening with you and your startup.

Once people start responding to your earlier e-mailers, start sending a weekly mail to all of those leads. In this mailer include half of your progress blog and for the other half, link them to the full blog. The goal is to make them feel like a part of your startup.

Find the right influencer to review your products

Once you have chosen your target market and their interest, it is important to find the right leaders or influencers, as per your niche, to review your products. Since these leaders or influencers already have credibility and a remarkable online following, hence are the perfect people to market your brand. But how to do so? Try sending out your products to these influencers prior and have them reviewed. Their critical review will create a much necessary buzz for your online store through social media channels. Their reviews will create a desire in your target audience to visit your web-store and make purchases as soon as it launches.

Hold contests with giveaways

Need an interactive way to build brand exposure among the right potential customers? Think about holding some contests. Yes, contests! It is an effective way of attracting and motivating people to sign up early. As rewards giveaway a few of your products. This will create hype among the people about your store and products while keeping costs relatively low. However, if you want your contests to be fruitful, do remember to define your goal first. That means you need to decide whether you want to generate more leads, show social responsibility, raise awareness or any other goal. The prime aim is to have a clear strategy from the beginning. Make sure your that the giveaways you choose are unique and meaningful. The reward is the one thing that should attract the audience you aimed for and drive traffic to your website.

Build Suspense among the audience

You’re just a few miles away from your launch and want your audience to know everything about your store. But is it the right move? It has been tested that building Suspense in your target audience and drawing out the mystery creates longer hype. The more details you out beforehand, the more it’ll kill the anticipation and your hype will drain away. When you deliberately leak the minimal information about your store and its launch, it can drive the audience into a frenzy with the secrecy.

Guest Posting

It serves multiple functions , it connects you with people who already have established their audiences , if you get your brand feautured on any of the famous  guest blogging sites, you can lean on that visibility. Secondly the selling point is the possibility for direct traffic as long as your content is authoritative and valuable you will wind up with a strong flow of users to your site. In reference to the long term advantage guest blogging will help in both content marketing and SEO.


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