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Why Most Ecommerce Startups Fail?

by admin August 7, 2020

Eight out of ten ecommerce startups fail each year and only two out of ten businesses are fortunate enough to succeed? Yes, this is one of the most hard and bleak truth of ecommerce industry – maybe that is the reason why Ecommerce Startups are seen as risky at the entrepreneurs’ front. The truth is most startups do not fail because they are startups and they lead creative explorations, but they fail because

  • The core idea of overly optimistic entrepreneurs behind their business is nothing but a vague concept and a little bit of runway. Oftentimes, these businesses are selling products that no one wants – yes, the “lack of a market requirement” is one of the major reasons behind the fall of a startup.
  • Founders do a lot of unnecessary spending on buying online engagement on social media, excessive marketing and PR activities, and hiring full-time staff instead of leveraging a virtual assistant from a good ecommerce website design and development company that adds high-quality value to the ecommerce startups by focusing on the small details around a brand and the design of an ecommerce website.
  • Entrepreneurs fail to notice and address those pesky issues of business process, business model, and scalability. This results in unanimous downgrading of their businesses net worth.

What lies ahead for absolute success? Indeed, ecommerce is the lifeblood for numerous small ecommerce startups mainly categorized as B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Consumer), C2C (Consumer to Consumer), C2B (Consumer to Business) and G2C/B which is Government to Consumer/Business. For every venture, the only strategy to thrive the cutting-throat ecommerce industry and take on global competition is – a perfect blend of ecommerce and traditional storefronts with lots of strategic planning. Given below are quick useful tips to minimize ecommerce failures and to turn those disadvantages into a great deal:

Having a great website is crucial

One of the biggest mistakes unsuccessful ecommerce entrepreneurs make is going online without a good and mobile-friendly ecommerce website which is the heartbeat of every online venture. Okay, having a website for a small business is essential, but the most pressing issue here is how to get it developed? What are the most convenient options available for ecommerce website development? Well, here is the key to your answer:

  • One can develop it from the scratch by own, but one must be willing to invest a lot of precious time to build it and of course, one must have web development skills.
  • Hire a freelance which is quite cheaper on financial ends, but can one rely on an individual freelancer.
  • Outsource your work. The most easy, safe and cost-effective way to launch your powerful website is partner with the best Ecommerce Design and Development Company which brings to you the awesomeness of skilled team of developers, designers, and marketers with expertise in wordpress web development, magento web development and shopify web development. Commitment, quick turnaround time, NDA, professional expertise, dedicated resources, great support on technical fronts, exceptionally high-quality and timely delivery are some of the well-known benefits of hiring a wed development company.

Choose the right Ecommerce Software Platform

A great website will fail surely if it is not powered by the right ecommerce development platform such as Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce and WordPress. Despite of the fact that there is no dearth of good platforms today, many entrepreneurs do make a common mistake of setting up their websites on wrong platforms which leads to huge damage. Invest in the right ecommerce platform and let your powerful website do the talking which eventually leads to high conversion rate, boost in traffic rate and better sales.

Focus on good customer experience.

It is the golden thumb rule to attract more and more targeted customers towards the business while capturing the online marketplace. Customers are inclined (for eternity) to great user interface and user experience of an ecommerce website. In the market, one will always get an upper hand with a fast-loading e-store where customers can feel comfortable and easier to do shopping. Make sure your ecommerce web store is absolutely free from issues like an ugly layout which is not user-friendly and downloads very slowly and doesn’t supports all devices.

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