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Top 5 reasons to pick WordPress WooCommerce shopping cart for your next ecommerce store

by admin May 13, 2019

WordPress, since its origin in 2003, has been popular in the market as the best blogging software. However, over the years, WordPress has evolved and become a content management software that is suitable for non-blogging websites as well.

If you’re looking for a software that offers an open-source platform to build your e-commerce store with flexibility, WordPress is the one for you. Along with its WooCommerce plugin, WordPress should be your go-to option. But why choose WordPress? Here’s an ‘all you need to know’ guide about them.

Running on a low budget? Don’t worry WordPress & WooCommerce is Free.

For anyone who is starting a new business, pricing is a significant factor. Nobody wants software that will cost them their arms and legs. That’s why WooCommerce holds an advantageous position in the market because it’s free.

Yes, it is a free open source software that will let you design your online store with as many modifications and customization as you desire. However, even though the software itself is free, other add-ons and extensions are paid. But even if you use the paid ones

WordPress e-commerce plugin WooCommerce is professional and customizable.

Just as WordPress enables you to create a feature rich website, WooCommerce offers you plenty of features and additional plugins that will help build a professional website. The websites created using WooCommerce meet the market standard.

Not just that, with the amount of customization available with WordPress themes and WooCommerce extensions or the pre-set modification options, you can rest be assured that your website will be one of a kind. WooCommerce enables you to download and integrate additional plugins along with your store.

Need Powerful Analytics for your store? WooCommerce includes that.

Being aware of everyone who is visiting your store and keep track of how they are interacting with your services and products which is beneficial for e-commerce retailers. WooCommerce provides an extensive set of such analytical tools that enables you to:

  • Measure your product sales and analyze them as per date and brand
  • Individually measure the statistics for each customer
  • Calculate the daily and monthly total sales
  • Calculate the number of orders you receive
  • Keep track of what customers are ordering

WooCommerce is designed for selling.

As it is well known, WooCommerce plugin is an e-commerce plugin of WordPress. That means it is primarily designed for selling your products.

Even if you’re a startup, it comprises of everything a newborn e-commerce retailer needs to jump-start his business.

  • More than 100 payment gateways that can easily be integrated with your store
  • Different shipping methods as per the need
  • A robust backend depicting stock management, refunds, email management, order management and other managerial components needed for your store.
  • A guide of documents required by the new e-commerce retailers to set up their store.

Worried about customer security? Fret Not! WordPress experts can come to your rescue.

If you just launching an eCommerce store, the customer would like first to make sure that your website is secure and not a fraudulent one. Thus, it is the prime concern of each online store manager to provide such security to its customers. WordPress regularly sends security updates but to have extra level security experts can come to your rescue and easily make your ecommerce store fully secure.


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