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5 Reasons why your e-commerce store need marketing automation?

by admin November 14, 2018

Marketing automation is not a new buzz word and big companies have mastered the art of marketing automation. Surprisingly small to medium size companies are still either not using marketing automation at all or not at optimum levels. There can be many reasons why they are not using marketing automation such as

  • Lack of budget for marketing automation
  • High price of marketing automation tools
  • Little or no knowledge about marketing automation
  • Feel you can handle the marketing yourself

There can be many more reasons but these are the major reasons we have figured after talking over 100 clients of ours. So in this blog post, I am going talk about “5 Reasons why your e-commerce store need marketing automation”

1. Takes care mundane marketing tasks

For small business owners it’s really easy to remain occupied in mundane marketing tasks instead of focusing on building marketing strategy that can benefit the business in a greater way. Marketing automation tools can handle your mundane tasks

  • Personalized welcome email to customer as soon as they buy something from you
  • Follow up emails for their reviews
  • Conditional emails based on customer review


For positive responses, you can send a gift offer that will be more or less upsell or cross-sell with some discount or you can ask the user to refer the product to friend and family. For negative responses, you can immediately send an apology message along with offer code. Negative responses can be directly forwarded to your email so you can quickly jump on the phone or email to talk to the customer what difficulties they are having with your product or whether they don’t like the product

2. Reminder to customers about offers

Marketing automation tools such as Infusionsoft, Act-on gives you an option to send a reminder to the customer about offers. You can plan the offers well in advance and automation tool will send automated emails on designated date and time.

3. Creates marketing funnels for you

It is difficult to keep track of customers who are at different stages of being a customer. Through marketing automation tools you can create a different marketing strategy for prospects at different stages of the funnels.


Example – Some people come to your site to know about your products, other may already know about the product but looking for better price offer and there can be several other reasons too. You need to make sure that you have different funnels to fulfill the need of prospect and turn them into a customer.

4. Increases upsell

If you use marketing automation tools effectively it can increase upsell and cross-sell in multiple folds. Using marketing automation tool you can easily create a marketing strategy where you can find customers whom you can upsell or cross-sell.

Example – You can create a campaign for every product of yours in such a way that you can upsell easily. Assume if someone has iPhone 7 in their cart or wishlist, your marketing automation campaign easily figures that out and send an automated upsell email about iPhone X with all its features and how it is awesome. You can also mention some EMI plans for that user to make sure he remains interested in the product despite of high price.

5. Fasten your marketing strategy implementation

As you have all your customer data at one place and funnels in place already, it is very easy to implement an extensive marketing strategy very quickly. Marketing automation tools not only fasten the process but they also streamline them in a big way.

All in all, marketing automation is a need of an hour it saves lots of time and efforts which can be easily applied towards creating a great marketing strategy. I don’t see a reason to still stay back and not use marketing automation tools. If your next question is about how to pick the best marketing automation tool for your business, please check out our new blog post – How to find the best marketing automation tool for your business?

DesignOmate is a team of marketing automation experts we can help you implementing marketing automation strategy without breaking a sweat. Contact us to know how can marketing automation help your business.


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