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Why is Magento still the best & cost effective E-Commerce shopping cart for medium-size businesses and enterprises?

by admin May 18, 2019

Magento is an open source platform that is specially used for e-commerce store development. This platform lets you make tons of customization and integration that means it is highly flexible. Magento is the most dominant platform for e-commerce business web development today. If you want to start an e-commerce business (medium size or enterprise), your foundation needs to be strong. You have to strategize and manage a lot of things. Today, several business owners are looking out for the best platforms for their e-commerce website development, and Magento gives them the best affordable solution.

Web Design Customization

Every online shopping business needs to customize their store to suit its uniqueness and as per the products available for sale. With Magento, there are tons of CSS customization options to choose from to create your website. The Magento team will keep you up-to-date on the latest web trends and give tips on responsive web designs.

Advanced SEO

Magento is an excellent platform for those who want to improve their organic traffic through SEO. The platform was built while keeping SEO efficiency in mind. It enables your products to appear at higher ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing and so on. Not only that, but you can also opt for custom SEO implementations if you have the knowledge and skill to do so.

Mobile Friendly

This is one of the coolest features of Magento, it allows browsing full site store catalogue or selected products which are particularly personalized for mobile users. Magento shopping carts are developed responsively, which makes them seamlessly viewable on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It is open for iphone, android and mobile opera browsers. Magento supports media files such as audio and video, it has swipe, zoom and multi-touch functionality. It has a clear and user friendly display.

Customize security permissions

Magento is known for its enhanced security to keep your website safe and manage internal access with options to customize the security levels. With PCI Data Security comes standard login screens that are CAPTCHA-equipped and a secondary password prompt includes extra defense against unauthorized breaches.

Easy third party integration

You have the flexibility to connect your e-commerce experience with eBay, Paypal, Mailchimp, Google Shopping, and more. Not only that, Magento allows the shop owners to add Google Analytics and several other such third party integration to their website for better data analysis.

Currency and language support

Have you ever noticed that with other e-commerce platforms, there is little or no options in regard to foreign currencies? However, that’s not the case with Magento. It actively supports all foreign currencies from around the world. This makes it cost effective for international shoppers and store owners. Apart from this, Magento is also known to support a variety of languages.

Tracking, analytics and reporting

It includes numerous options for tracking, analyzing and reporting. With this open source platform, you can also measure your online store’s performance with full analytics and reporting. It has functions as;

– Google analytics

– Sales and tax reports

– Total sales and refunded invoice

-Product review report and more

Multiple store management

Magento has enabled the shop owners to run and manage their online business 24/7 hassle free due to its capability to host various websites on just one back-end admin panel, with a unique product catalog. This is the feature that makes Magento popular with the enterprises.

Powerful and spacious

Did you know that Magento platform can support up to 500,000 products on one site? Yes, that is true. Also, Magento has the capability to handle more than 800,000 orders per hour. Thus, you can assume that if you’re looking to expand your business in the future, you have a lot of space between one or more shopping arts on the same site. 

Fast loading store

Magento is well known to produce fast loading web pages. It is an essential factor because website loading speed is essential to hold customers to your web-store, guaranteeing higher annual sales. This is possible because Magento clearly has lower HTTP requests than any other e-commerce platform out there.

Saves time and money.

Magento is an open source platform that means several features are completely free. It has an extensive library of various custom extensions developed by a gigantic worldwide community. This means that you can use and share Magento tools with other users to save yourself building it from the start.

If you’re still not sure how to make your business cost-effective using Magento, DesignOmate has you covered. Our team will help you design your ecommerce store(s), manage them, provide fast loading speed to your webpages, integrate your third-party extensions in no time, so on and so forth. In a nutshell, DesignOmate will enable you to create a website that will suit your business size as well as your budget.

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