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8 Ways to Improve Your Product Listing on Amazon Without Spending a Penny

by admin March 9, 2018
Ways To Improve Product Listing on Amazon, e-commerce web design

With fierce competition on Amazon, it is always an opportunity disguised to sell and be noticed. Amazon gives retailers no matter how big or small a similar opportunity to showcase their products and gain from its global market.

If you are new to this and have just started to build up your business check this to know
how to begin selling on Amazon.

As for Google, we have several algorithms to check its proper and convenient usage similarly for Amazon has its own SEO technique called A9. The salesman to your customer is Amazon’s algorithm that matches the customer search query with the most relevant product in the catalog. It dives into the keyword research process and gives relevant products.


The PRODUCT TITLE is the identity of your product listing to both your customers and to Amazon’s algorithm. Thus, include all the essential details like brand, product line, material, product type, color, size, packaging and other key features regarding your product in the title. Make sure there is a correct order to the keywords included since it replicates on the search result.


  • Product Title has a character limit of 250 characters. For better sales make sure you utilize whole of the plot given.
  • Use Helium 10 Magnet tool and Keyword Tool to make sure the title listing is of high quality.

For instance, if a product has a highly descriptive title with the product name type and brand it becomes easier for the customer to find it in the search results and thus gets a step ahead towards being sold.


Once, the product title is set we then move on to KEY PRODUCT FEATURE. These are visible to customers, thus should be concise and clearly pointed. Ideally written as bullet points these provide detailed information of your product also stating its important facts that help you increase conversion rates and also identify product relevance.


  • Key Product Feature has a word limit of 1000 characters.
  • We must include at least 5 bullet points to support the description of our product.


Now let’s talk about PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. This is where we give in detailed information about our product. It must be well explained alluring copy of your product that has all the details and necessary information and facts about your product. Since this too is visible to your customers it must be well structured and clear enough to convince your customers that your product is relevant to what they are searching for. Since you have enough space, make sure to include a strong call to action at the end like Order Today, Buy Now etc.


  • Product description can extend to 2000 characters. Make sure you utilize this space given, in captivating your buyer’s attention.
  • You can use Helium 10 scribbles tool to incorporate as many keywords as you want while working on the engaging copy.


The BACKEND SEARCH TERMS are not visible to the customer but are available for search. Make sure to include slightest of details and all the keywords that could not be included in description or bullets. Also, make sure the keywords you use are relevant to your products and do not misguide the customers.


  • Include all the common colloquial synonyms or misspellings of common keywords here.
  • Since keywords in all the attributes are considered one include as many unique keywords as you can.

Make sure you do not stuff irrelevant information. Sometimes while searching for an object you get options for several other similar objects. For example, if you search for shirts with Amazon there are chances you also come across t-shirts that do not even match your query. It is because of the backend search term that is irrelevantly stuffed.


For IMAGE TITLE too, be very specific with the details that are mentioned. Try to include maximum information like color, size, type, and style of the product in the Image Description. It increases the chances of your visibility on the search result page and thus, your product gets a higher ranking that converts to higher sales.


  1. Don’t stuff Keywords.
  2. Don’t include misleading information.
  3. Don’t use local colloquial synonyms in product titles.
  4. Don’t repetitively use the same Keyword. ONCE IS ENOUGH.


IMAGE OPTIMISATION is an important process since images can be considered as emotional recognition tools. Images play a vital role in deciding for a buyer to click the product or to keep scrolling. Make sure the image you use is clear and uncluttered. Include the image of products from different angles for a better understanding of the product. The image used must be relevant to the product; Amazon highly condemns usage of irrelevant images just to occupy the given space.


  • Amazon requires the images to be minimum of 1000 X 1000 pixels to avoid any disruption in the image quality even if it is zoomed.
  • Amazon generally allows 5 to 9 images according to the category in which your product is listed.
  • The main image of the product should use only the product on a white background.
  • Do not include any accessory in the main image of the product.


SALES turn your browsers into customers. The hike in sales of your product pushes down your competition taking you to higher rankings. This could be a little tough because with the initial listing you must be somewhere far behind in the search result pages. According to a survey, only 30% of the people hop to page 2 in the search results. Worry not! Just buckle your belts and go for driving traffics both internal and external to Amazon listing and generate higher sales. For internal traffic, use Amazon PPC and for external sales, go for ads like on Facebook, Google AdWords etc.


  • Along with internal and external traffic, you can also opt to “Launch” your product. The launch services spike your Amazon sale bringing your product to search page 1 or 2.
  • Use Viral Launch that has a patented system that can move up your products without violating the Amazon’s terms.


Customers rely on REVIEWS a lot and Amazon knows this. Improving Amazon reviews is on the top of the mind of every seller. It is a social proof of the quality of your products and trust of your buyers on your product. It assures other buyers that they are investing in the right and reliable product. Try getting honest and unbiased reviews on your products as early as possible. Email feedbacks can play a great support in the process. Don’t indulge in the process of adding fake reviews yourself or by hiring some agencies, Amazon is pretty serious about this and may remove your store altogether or product. 


  • Use tools like Feedback Genius or Sales Backer to generate automated emails that help build customer relationship and get honest and genuine reviews.
  • For instance, a product with the higher review will not only make it to the top searches but will win buyers trust at once and most shoppers would at least check it once.


Some other aspects that may not be very important but affect your visibility negligibly must also be taken care of while selling on Amazon to boost the search results.

The QUESTION ANSWER SECTION must be given importance as it reflects how important your customers are. It lets the seller as well as other customers to answer the queries made.

Take advantages of the OFFERS like LIGHTNING DEALS that offers a better scope of sales thus generating reviews and revenues. It DOES NOT mean relying on promotions and discounts always but at times it’s a good idea. Keep a watch on what is selling, by checking your competitors’ sales and revenue generated and keep yourself updated.

Thus, now we can begin with our sales on Amazon and get our product views and browsers turn to customers that consequently reflect sales and revenues. Beginning to sell with Amazon can be a little messed up, tiring and disappointing. But once you begin to sell and start generating reviews and sales it becomes easier pushing your ranking higher. So get your seat belts tied and get ready for the flight.

In case you have any query or need assistance feel free to contact us.

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