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6 Reasons Why Custom Web Design Is NOT Dead

by admin December 5, 2017
Why choose custom web design

A statistic from Adobe reveals that when given 15 minutes to consume a piece of content, two-thirds of people would read rather something that is beautifully designed and appealing than something plainly laid out.

This fact points to the trend of custom web designing and states how much the aesthetics and uniqueness of a website matter.

Since websites are the most imperative of factors affecting the growth or the decline of a business, it is getting increasingly important to get the perfect website implemented to suit the needs of a particular business.

If you are inclined towards saving money, and rather than going for custom development of your website, would choose to tweak the available templates to get your website at a much lesser cost, think again!

1. Templates are all the same!

Website designing agencies at times just exploit the out-of-the-box functionalities and all they do is drag and drop items onto web pages, bundle them up together, and call it a website. Some companies take up the task a bit more seriously and incorporate little tweaks here and there to avoid delivering all the websites just the same.

Templates are simple, undoubtedly, but more often than not, they are far too simple and plain to appeal any visitor. There is almost no room for personalization, and if you anyway decide to perform customizations for yourself, you would need the help of a professional website designer. You would rather have your website custom-built from the very beginning, won’t you?

2. Customization of a Template ruins SEO

If you go for a DIY website platform now, and then, later on, decided to get it personalized, you SEO rankings would be highly affected. All the alterations with your website’s content management system, web hosting, and design will confuse search engines of the indexes and ranks of your web pages.

This might not affect you at all in the early stages of your website, but once the website has been rolled out, this may adversely affect your SEO efforts. At times, an error 404- Page not found is displayed when your webpage which has now been revamped is clicked from the search engine results. This leads to a steep drop in your rankings.

3. Stand out from the crowd

Would you want your business’ image in the market to be an exception or would you want to be one from the crowd? A template website and a custom website make this difference in the way your brand is perceived by your customers. Leave an impression on your visitors through the power leveraged by custom website development.

4. Your needs are unique

Know that the needs of your business do not match with all others, and that to cater to them, you need a website that speaks volumes about your business and not about anything in general. When you get your website customized, the developers keep in mind your business, your target market, your SEO needs, and then build specifically for you.

5. Meet custom goals with custom development

Customized colors, designs, and functionalities are built carefully keeping your business in view, and that adds up to give your customers noteworthy shopping experiences.

According to Adobe, 38 percent of people would stop their engagement with a website if it appeared dull or unattractive.

6. SEO is gaining ground

Search Engine Optimization has become a full-fledged career in itself and deserves it too. For the sake of SEO, companies consider custom website development as a preference over template tweaking. Since SEO is now more than just stuffing content with keywords, a comprehensive SEO strategy can be devised only when customizations are possible.

Custom website development is more required today than ever, and it is crucial for you as a business to realize its importance. Save your business from a slow decline by opting custom web designing and development services from the best enterprises.

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