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10 Shopify Apps to Improve Conversion Rate of Your Shopify Store

by admin April 5, 2018
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Are you frustrated? You are doing everything you can but still, you are not making enough sales. And wonder how can I actually make sales without spending so much money? It’s not you only who is struggling with sales but a lot of other e-commerce businesses struggling with conversions or not happy with it.

We also had few clients who were struggling with sales and contacted us to help them with conversion rate optimization. In the process of optimizing their stores, we learned that there are few pretty good Shopify apps that can help a ton in optimizing your e-commerce store’s conversion. So without beating around the bush, here are 10 Shopify apps that we installed on our clients’ Shopify stores and it worked great.

*Important Note – Installation of these apps will only help when you’ve decent visitors on your website, so if you don’t have traffic you might want to take a look at this blog post and it will surely help in increasing the website traffic.

Hindsight App – Visitors Recording

Your site is getting visits however these visits don’t turn to business, find out why? Hindsight lets you check exactly that. With a look in the user behaviour you can precisely see how your web visitors browsing your Shopify website.

The app helps record and assess visitors experience through the site. It maps user experience on a large scale level by mapping clicks, developments, drifts, parchment and consideration . With the toggles and clicks being mapped you can easily refine structure and configuration of your e-commerce store, and execute best strategies that put your most critical items in the line of site and expand sales. You can share this vital information to your Shopify web designer by adding him to your hindsight account.

Automatic Discount – Coupon Codes

Who doesn’t love discounts? Automatic Discount the app that defies the tradition of discount coupons. It provides discount for everything that is essentially a part of e-shopping. Number of items, product weight, vendor, amount spent, what is in the cart and other factors.

Make more deals by sending discounts connects to your steadfast clients or make standards to apply rebates consequently in view of what’s in their shopping basket. With the app you can naturally apply a markdown particular to an item variation, make a promo on 1 particular item in 1 particular gathering, make a promo for two items, and make layered estimating.

For instance 5% off if user spent $50, 10% off if off if user spent $50, 20% off off if user spent $50.

Other obvious discounts you can offer are:
Make a promo Buy 1 get 1 free.
Make a promo Buy 2 get the third free.
Give free sending if clients spend over $100.

Free Shipping

According to a survey, “88% of buyers would probably shop at a webpage on the web in the event that they were guaranteed free shipping.”

Free shipping bar lets you do exactly this. With its completely adaptable and simple to setup, predictable appearance on telephone, tablet and personal computers it is becoming a popular choice among sellers.

Sales Countdown

Clients sometimes tend to postpone purchasing as they need not make any immediate decision on buying the product. Countdown Cart induces clients that the chance to purchase is NOW before it reaches the point of no return by making a solid feeling of earnestness and shortage on your online store. Countdown Cart is FREE, “multi-highlighted” and quite simple to utilize. Introduce the application with 1 click now and appreciate the magnificent advantages it conveys to you.

Give each client a final proposal: To purchase at the earliest opportunity to not lose the arrangement if the countdown hits zero.The simplest and speediest approach to change over deals.


Spin a-Sale totally re-creates the standard endorser pop-up and makes it intelligent, fun and compelling for your guests. Drastically develop your email list, create more deals and increment your change rates to levels you’ve never observed.
With a mix of intense highlights and sensible valuing, Spin-a-Sale is the most prominent and most noteworthy positioned intuitive fly up on Shopify!

Exit Intent Pop Up

Privy is one stop shop for all your your marketing options. From emails to coupons to banners to pop up adds with privy you don’t need to bother about any of these. With over 200,000 consumers around the globe privy is the leading app for marketing from medium sized businesses to large businesses. Integrate your Shopify and Shopify plus stores with the app and see your sales boost.

Live Chat is a free live talk application intended to build the adequacy in dealing with the online client engagement encounter, empowering various sites and specialists in a solitary dashboard interface to visit with the guests on your site.It is advantageous for your clients, helping them through focuses and subsequently helping you produce high changes. Remain associated anyplace, be in contact with your clients from your PC, or
your portable device.

Customer Reviews

Shopify Product Reviews enables you to add a client survey highlight to your items. This gives a route to your clients to draw in with you, and in addition each other to energize deals. You can edit design choices, content and hues without expecting to code .You get a lot of features in the app. Add, import or export your inventory as spreadsheets. You, can also add survey points to Google listings.

Loyalty Points, VIP, Referral Programs

Make a total rewards program with Loyalty Points, Customer Referrals, and VIP Tiers to drive clients unwaveringly by issuing focuses. You can give expanding prizes to your best clients as they communicate more with your store. This app enables you to rapidly set up and run your own prizes program. When you compensate your clients they are more steadfast, more inclined to return, and more prone to make rehash buys. We are growing more approaches to remunerate clients week after week. We will probably make your store more fruitful through prizes and client unwaveringly!

Abandoned Cart Recovery and Push Notification on Cart page

Regardless of whether you’ve quite recently propelled your store, or are a built up mark, your store is or will get movement. Customers will be adding items to their shopping baskets, yet huge numbers of them won’t really look at. So how would you know which items they are including? With Activity Monitor , you’ll know precisely which items have been added to the truck, and by whom, as it happens continuous. This amazing understanding gives you the insight you have to settle on better choices and at last advance transformations.

These apps will help you get a boost in your sales. But apart from these there are a few more small details that you must keep in mind for a better conversion rate.

  1. Phone numbers and email should be visible to visitors on all the pages. Even better if you have number on registration email, order email etc.
  2. Show free shipping or flat shipping prominently as free shipping is something everybody wants that. You better include shipping price in your product price so you don’t have to pay shipping price from your pocket. Only people who are not concerned much about shipping cost are B2B business.


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