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Why Hire Offshore Web Design Agency or Web Designer?

by admin November 15, 2018

Economy is going down to drain everywhere no matter where you live – US, Australia or Europe. Running a business is now tougher than ever. In this period we as an entrepreneur really wants to make sure that we get the things done cost-effectively, faster with great quality, right?

Thanks to the Internet boom we are almost dependent on the internet, even customers look for services online so you can’t miss out an opportunity of taking your business online. Here too, we need a good web design agency which is cost-effective, faster and provides great quality service and all that you can get if you hire offshore web design agency or web designer.

“Cost-effectiveness, no doubt about that. But what about finding high-quality work, and time difference… AAH! that kills me. I forgot about the language barrier” – Maybe you are thinking about that.

I understand how it makes you uneasy. I don’t want to be naive here. Finding a good web design agency with high-quality work is difficult but possible if you put out little more than $25/hr as most of the good offshore are charging at least $25/hr or above to $50/hr. So you can consider $25/hr as the base to start with for high-quality work.

Okay… What about time difference?

Some companies like us – have people like me who is working up till 5 am in the morning if I am in India and if in the New York than life can’t be better. Actually, the time difference is good because if you give a task to an offshore company than they might get that done before you wake up.

As they are in different time zone they can do critical updates on your site while your customers are sleeping so even if something goes south you wouldn’t lose customers.

A piece of Advice – Make sure you always take backup of your site through backupmybuddy or some other software even when you are working with your local web design agency. If you need to know about any specific software, plugin or an app to take backup of your website, please let me know in comments and find you one which can work with your site.

How can I forget about the language barrier?

Most of the offshore web design agencies like us have project managers who do all the communication and I bet they are fluent with English. But, if you are looking for someone in your local language then you can ask them to hire a translator. They can easily find a translator who will work as a communication medium all the time and things will work like magic. We have done that for a couple of our clients in the past so all European client’s who love their language, we welcome you and would love to work with you.

What if they take my money but don’t deliver?

I have written a detailed blog post to ensure that you don’t get cheated or if someone tries to pull off tricks, you can pick them right away How to keep yourself safe when hiring offshore web design agency or freelancer on Upwork. If you follow my tips, I am quite sure that you are starting on solid foundation.

An exotic trip to India 🙂

Who would like to miss a trip to India? Place where Steve Jobs spent some time and went back to states to built the most valued company of this world. God knows this tripe may take your business to next level. We would love to host you.

So how are you feeling good about hiring offshore web design agency? if you still have any question, please ask in the comments. I would love to answer them all.

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