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10 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Web Design Agency

by admin October 5, 2017
how to hire a web design agency, Questions you should ask your web designer

Remodelling an antique website or building a new one from scratch is a lot of work. Only with the right expertise and strategy can you get a website that completely suits your needs, and is tailor-made for your business.

The first step to ensure a successful undertaking of website development is to find and choose the best web design agency for the task.

If you just rolled your eyes and thought, “Well, just Google it!”, you are forgetting the fact that even the most unprofessional and amateur designers out there claim themselves to be the best in town.

Here are, for your help, 10 pointers that will help you separate the wheat and the chaff –

1. Lay down your specific requirements

If all you need is a revamp of your current up-and-running website, list down all the reasons why you have decided to revamp it in the first place. This will help you gain an understanding of your own needs and will give you a direction to think in while choosing a firm for the job. Alert!! If you want to start with a new website the list changes.You need to visualize how exactly your website looks and works like. To support this you can pick couple of sites you like the most, divide the features into two lists – must have features and less important features, decide if you would provide the copy (you or your design agency), and when do you want site to be ready.

2. Draw the lines on cost, time and location

If you are in a rush, a design agency that takes all its time in delivering a website won’t do the thing for you. And if you are in a crunch with your budget, a company that charges on the higher end is not suitable for you. These two factors are the most crucial ones for any business undertaking, and you should be clear on these fronts. Moreover, decide if you can collaborate with a remotely located firm, or if it is important to you to be able to connect with the developers in person.

3. Services they offer

A hard close look at the services offered by a designing company goes a long way in revealing the strength of its deliverables. If a strong UI experience is what you want for your customers, and a rich in functionalities websites is what the agency masters in, you may not match with them. A good designing agency, though, is proficient on the UI/UX, technology, content management, and the marketing fronts as well.

4. Their credibility

A little bit of research on the previous clients of the company and their testimonials will reveal a lot about its success as a website designing firm. The variety of projects undertaken by a firm says a lot about its flexibility in working for different requirements.

5. The tools and languages they use

Technology is ever-evolving and it does not pay off to get involved with a designing agency that relies on the obsolete methods of development and designing. Look for the tools and technologies they have mastered in to get a sneak peek into their reliability and worth.

6. Communication matters

How well a company communicates with a potential client says a lot about how well they fulfill the needs of their clients. A company that only talks about the cash involved and less about the requirements of the client can only be seen as interested in the money and not the work.

7. Support and Maintenance services

It is imperative to know the quality of support and maintenance provided by the company you are considering to be linked with. If a small defect in the website would take them a whole day, is it really beneficial to go for their skills and mighty experience?

8. Responsive design strategy

Building for the desktop is no more a hype. The world has long gone mobile, and you need a designing agency that will build perfectly suited websites for all screen sizes.

9. Pro-active development process

If what you say is the end of the world, the development agency can be thought of fearing innovation. An agency that proactively suggests changes and enhancements in the website and wants to better the design through their expertise is the one to go for.

10. Quality standards and Ethics

A website designing company that assures you of the utmost quality standard in developing your product and is ready to sign a strict official non-disclosure with your company is the most reliable one.

Choose wisely for your development and designing needs as this first step when taken correctly can boost your business and lead to a brand-building for yourself with the website that best suits your specific requirements.

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